Limiting My Word Count — A Writing Tip

Limiting myself to a specific word count (before starting the project) is the worst thing I did as a content writer. 😩

When I initially started working full-time as a content creator, I stuck to a limited word count from the get-go. 😣

I often cut back words, and limited the content greatly; constantly editing and re-editing my blog as I wrote. ✍️

However, now I know better. 💯

Now, I write till I know I have done justice to the topic and leave the editing piece up to the end. ⚒️

Often I exceed the suggested SEMrush word count by twice the length even after editing. In such situations, I assess the blog again to see if I can break it into two parts. If my topic permits, I go ahead and create two blogs instead of one. 😜

The freedom from cutting back has liberated my writing greatly!

What is the one writing tip that help you improve greatly? Let me know in the comments!



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